These are the frequently asked questions after the passing of hurricane Maria

October 19, 2017
  1. How does the forbearance for mortgage, personal loans, credit cards and auto loans work?

Conscious about the difficult times we’re going through after hurricane Maria, we offer you solutions for your account payments. Learn more here

  1. What branches and ATMs are currently operating?

We are working hard to overcome our communication, electricity, and other issues caused by the passing of the hurricane. Learn which branches and ATMs are currently operating here

  1. What is BPPR’s routing number?

Our routing number is: 021502011

  1. Where can I submit an insurance claim?

Call us at 787-706-4111 or click here for more information

  1. Where can I get government aid?

Access relevant information regarding available services and government aid alternatives here

  1. Can I make wire transfers?

Yes, as usual. For more information, click here