It’s your time: enjoying your personal time

August 20, 2014
disfruta tu tiempo

In the daily race of life, sometimes we forget that the minutes we devote to ourselves bring us the peace and the balance required for us to be effective in managing our other responsibilities. Whether it is time with your life partner, exercising or enjoying a relaxing activity, your emotional and mental health depends on that time you reserve for yourself.

All of us need to develop this part of our life, and here we share some hints with you on how to go about it:

First, do not impose unrealistic goals that will cause you more stress. It sounds very sweet to have breakfast every morning with your partner; however, if the consequence will be that both of you will be late to work, then reserve some other time – maybe you can have lunch together during the week or walk at night around your neighborhood.

Then, you need to take care of your health. We tend to forget the annual routine check ups: mark them down on your calendar – always on the same month – and consider it a gift for yourself. Also, take time to rest and to enjoy activities that are relaxing and entertaining.

Lastly, just as you set up your professional goals, reserve time to plan your personal life: from your vacation to time with your loved ones. Work on a schedule and review it at least once a year to check you’re on track. The following questions can help you out in this planning process:

•To what would you like to devote more time?

•Where would you like to live?

•What is it you envision for your retirement years?

•What do you need to achieve that goal?

•What tools are available to help you achieve that goal in the time you expect?

And don’t forget that there are digital tools that can help you plan both your financial and your personal goals for the future of your dreams.