It’s time: Set up your family time priorities

August 20, 2014
establece prioridades

The time we spend with our families is source of happiness, but can also cause some tension when we need to coordinate itineraries, children’s events and multiple commitments. However, it is important to keep family time at the top of your priorities and that we learn to enjoy it. Here we share some ideas to make family chores more bearable, so you can enjoy your time together.

Set up a family calendar where all family members can see it. Try to update it weekly. It’s important to share it with the extended family as needed – for example, if a grandparent or an aunt picks up kids at school, hand them a copy of the calendar at the beginning of the week.

Invest time in teaching kids how to do house chores. Sometimes we feel that we’ll go faster if we do it ourselves because the youngest will not be able to produce a shiny floor or tidy, clean piece of furniture. However, it is worth it to invest some time in teaching them the task: eventually, they’ll learn how to do it with no help at all and that will reduce your list of chores. At the same time, it is a lesson on collaboration and discipline and it will strengthen their self-esteem to know that they are supporting the family’s wellbeing.

Use technology to your advantage. Explore shared e-calendar apps, as well as e-banking options available to save you time. Also, for simple matters, you can talk to teachers and other parents via email and text messages. That way, the short time you have to spend on teacher conferences will be used on important matters.