Tips for decorating your house on a budget

February 10, 2016
Decora tu hogar

By: Andrés A. Lebrón

Our homes are a reflection of our lives and our personality. This year, decorate your home and bring new life to your surroundings with these helpful, low budget tips. We promise you will have a lot of new ideas by the time you finish reading.

  1. Do your research. Get inspired! View some magazines, browse the Internet, and pay attention to your surroundings. Find ideas that you like, remember that you are decorating for yourself.
  2. Create a budget. Every project needs a plan and this one is no different. Set a budget for the redecoration and most importantly, don’t go over it. The more detailed is your budget, the more control you’ll have over it, and you’ll avoid spending more than what you already planned for.
  3. Use mirrors. A mirror can make a room look bigger and spacious. You can also play with the different shapes and forms in the room. For example, place a circular mirror on a rectangular-shaped column. The shape of the mirror will make an excellent contrast to the columns’ shape.
  4. Use paint to emphasize areas in your home. Painting all the walls white can be boring, and painting all the walls with different colors can be overwhelming. Put some color in one wall of the room, while maintaining the others neutral and you will see the difference.
  5. Personalize your rooms. Paint the rooms with different colors. This tip works perfectly for the little ones’ rooms. This way, each room gets its own personality.
  6. Change the way a room looks. Sometimes redecorating is as easy as rearranging the room’s furniture. This tip creates a great impact and the best part of it: it’s free!
  7. Add decorative items. The success of every decoration lies in its details. Place decorative pillows in your furniture, aromatic candles and flower vases in your tables and give your home a different touch. You can also put carpets for a more elaborate look. Do you have extra books in your house? Place them on a coffee table, night-table, or on any other space to complete your decoration.
  8. Lighting. Place light bulbs to illuminate certain areas and play with the lighting to create different areas of focus. Lighting an area doesn’t have to be expensive. You may focus the light towards paintings, hallways, plants, etc. and you will give perspective and depth to any room.
  9. Get the most out of garage sales and second-hand stores. This may be the most unusual tip in this article but it’s very practical. Sometimes these are the only places where you can find that key element to distinguish your decoration.

Decorating the place we call home is one of the most satisfying things we can do. When you decide to decorate, follow our tips and most importantly, have fun. Remember, this is a project – take your time. You do not need to do everything at once, this way your wallet won’t suffer as much.