Tips for traveling abroad

December 16, 2015
Viajes fuera de PR

A dream trip without unnecessary setbacks must be planned with plenty of time. If you are thinking about traveling abroad, plan ahead using the following tips:

Manage your budget – One way to do this efficiently is to search online for the events and activities that interest you and compare prices before the trip. Booking them in advance is usually less expensive than buying at the entrance.

Get the most out of your credit card benefits* – When paying the total amount of the transportation ticket(s) with some credit cards, cardholders receive travel services free of charge so you can travel safely while saving time and money. These services include:

  • Pre-trip Assistance Services provides information of the destinations before traveling, as well as information on:

– ATM locations

–  Exchange rates

– Passport information

– Visa requirements

– Health precautions and requirements

– Immunizations

  • Assistance during the trip to help activate insurance and benefits, including international medical emergency services.
  • Don’t forget the concierge service! This service facilitates numerous tasks such as: confirming flight times, reserving a table at exclusive restaurants or get almost impossible to find tickets.

Remember to take your credit card with you – Not only it is convenient to reserve lodging and transportation, it also brings you security and helps avoid the hazard of losing your cash or traveler’s checks. Traveling with your Banco Popular card allows you, with a single phone call, avoid unauthorized use of your card in the event it’s stolen or lost. You could also receive a card replacement within 24 hours in most places you might visit.

Extra protection – The majority of our Banco Popular credit cards include, travel accident insurance and car rental insurance. The car insurance covers repair costs for damages due to collision up to $50,000 per incident. You must decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) or similar coverage offered by the auto rental company. Some cards also include insurance for baggage loss, trip delay and cancellation, among others.

Banco Popular credit cards are accepted worldwide where Visa, American Express® and MasterCard cards are accepted*. You can choose from a wide variety of cards depending on personal interests and credit history. Services, benefits and insurance options offered will depend on the card level you select.Learn which card is best for you.

There are also options for customers with no credit experience and wish to start establishing one. The Banco Popular Visa Secured card is used like any other regular credit card, with all its guarantees. Your payments and transactions will be reflected like any other card in your credit reports.

Why worry? You already know the security our cards offer, so before vacationing, go the safe side and get focus on planning those days off you and your family deserves so much.

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*Subject to availability in your line of credit.