Today is a good day to finish your Home Inventory.

August 22, 2012

OK, so you already bought water, food supplies, filled your gas tank, bought your medicines, and have your flashlights and batteries ready.  When the possibility of a storm or hurricane arises, take into account these other recommendations too:

  • Use your Smartphone or regular camera and take pictures of how your hose looks likes BEFORE the storm. Take pictures of the structure, the surroundings and also inside the home.
  •  Create an inventory of your personal property.  Take pictures of your appliances, TV, cupboards, furniture, etc.
  • Organize and save your receipts from appliances or any other value items.  Jot down their serial numbers or any other descriptive data.
  • Maintain a copy of your insurance policy handy.  This should be part of your emergency kit. It is ideal to review your insurance policies annually, particularly because just before the storm, you will not be able to acquire any new coverage.

After a Storm or Hurricane, following these tips will speed up the claims process with the corresponding insurance carrier.  For more tips on this topic read: 10 steps to complete your home inventory. If you acquired your insurance policy through Popular Insurance or Popular Risk Services and want to know how to process a claim click here.