Web Cash Manager: a better way to manage your time and business

June 06, 2014

Looking for a tool that will simplify the way you manage your business and helps you be more productive? Look any further; you’ve found it with Web Cash Manager from Banco Popular. Its benefits and features are exactly what every business owner needs when it comes to their company’s management.

Web Cash Manager consists of several modules: information and Balances modules, ACH payments for payroll and suppliers and Wire Transfers, amongst others. You can choose one or various modules, depending on your business’ needs, allowing you to be more assertive with your time while making transactions in an easy and safe way.

Web Cash ManagerƗ allows you to:

Check balances and transactions in real time:  On a business trip in California? With Web Cash Manager you can check the status of your account and get the most updated information on it, any time of the day whether you’re in PR or the U.S..

See electronic images of your checks: You won’t have to wonder which check you wrote or cashed or to whom you made it out to. Get rid of any doubt by accessing double-sided images of your checks.

Make wire transfers: This is the perfect benefit if you need to make a payment to a supplier, either in USD or foreign currency.

See the last 18 statements of the account’s transaction history: Have access to valuable information for your accounting, be in the know or just make sure that everything is ok.

These are just some of the benefits that Web Cash Manager offers to make the most of your time. Remember that your business’ success depends on many things and an efficient management of its finances is one of the most important.

For more information visit  http://www.popular.com/en/webcash or call our Business Banking Center at 787-756-3939 o 1-855-756-3939.

Ɨ This service can only be accessed from Puerto Rico or the United States.  Access is not allowed from countries sanctioned by the Department of the U.S. Treasury (OFAC).