What’s the appropriate account for your pre-teens?

December 24, 2013

Before they were 8 years old, they had already shown you how to use the latest smartphone you had bought. They found additional features of your new tablet and explained to you what they were for. They were even the ones who taught you about all the tools you could replace with an App.

Your children are ahead of their time and ahead of yours. But there is still something that only you can teach them, and it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked: a sense of financial responsibility.

You have begun to teach them the importance of good financial management with the Club del Ahorro. It was an excellent start for them and we now believe that at their age they are ready to take the next step and trade in their savings booklet for an ATH POP® account.

This account from Popular is available to your children with $0 minimum opening deposit and it only requires a minimum balance of $50 on all days of the cycle to avoid a monthly service fee of $1. It’s a way to teach them that spending all of their savings can cost them.

The FREE ATH® card they will receive has an exclusive design appropriate for their age. They can use it for free, unlimited transactions at all Banco Popular automatic teller machines. They also earn scaled interest if the average daily balance during the cycle is $500 or more and they can contribute to the account through electronic transfers of funds via Mi Banco Online or Telepago Popular®.

Starting now, put them on the road to healthy money management by opening an ATH POP® account today. All you have to do is bring a copy of the minor’s birth certificate and the Social Security numbers of the minor and the father, mother or legal guardian to the nearest Banco Popular branch.

Open your child’s account today!