Young talent along the new features of Popular’s music special

December 11, 2014

This year’s music special, “Qué lindo es Puerto Rico” comes with a breath of fresh air by integrating, in the CD version, less known singers who are generating buzz for their talent. Among these talents is Juan Pablo Díaz, who early in his life, felt a deep love for art, and followed in the footsteps of their parents, Magali Carrasquillo and Rafael José.

Juan Pablo has participated in theater plays with the ‘Teatro Breve’ group, as well as played in bands like the PVC in 2004. It is not until 2007 when he begins to shape his solo project and launched it 2013. The production, called “Díaz” was received by critics and the public with great delight.

“For me it is very emblematic to participate in this year’s special. The Bank’s music special is extremely important for my music formation. “Un pueblo que canta (1993)” and “El espiritú de un pueblo (1994)” began to awaken my interest in the Puerto Rican classical repertoire, being a Puerto Rican living in Mexico during those years. Reinterpreting such an iconic song like Eddie Palmieri’s ‘Puerto Rico’ is a challenge that I took without thinking. With a music arrangement by Javier Curet supporting me, it is hard to think about doing things wrong. Singing to my country is always an honor, and because of the importance of Banco Popular music special it makes it even more special,” said Juan Pablo Díaz.

Díaz keeps promoting his album through presentations in a variety of scenarios such as ‘Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián’, as well as in Latin American countries. He recently opened concerts for Gilberto Santa Rosa in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia.

“We know Juan Pablo’s talent from when he participated in one of our specials when he was part of the PVC. We knew that his participation would be instrumental not only for his career as a soloist, but to interpret a song as important as Puerto Rico, “said Teruca Rullán, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Popular, Inc.

The album is available for sale through Popular branches and record stores. You can also get the album thru Amazon and iTunes.

Parts of the proceeds from the sale of this production are to benefit Banco Popular Foundation to contribute to the musical education of our youth.


Natacha Vale is Auxiliary Vice President and Manager of Corporate Communications Popular, Inc.