Attract more customers through your web page

August 30, 2017
Attract more customers through your web page

A passion for nautical themes led Natalia Maldonado and her husband, Víctor Alejandro Alvarado, to establish Lulú by Natalia, a line of jewelry she designs and sells through points of sale in the Mall of San Juan. An architect by profession, Natalia identified an opportunity to expand her business beyond Puerto Rico through the web, and thus was born the online store, where customers can buy the beautiful pieces of jewelry she designs and produces.

Natalia uses Facebook and Instagram and Google ads to drive traffic to her page, but she needs to understand better how her efforts are working and if they are really producing the results she needs: to generate sales.

To guide Natalia about the best use of social media and search engine optimization, we talked with Rafael Lebrón, senior digital strategist, who shared the following recommendations with Natalia:

• Evaluate the data from digital metrics platforms such as Google Analytics, to identify the behavior of visitors to the web site (where they enter, what time, what attracts their attention) and demographic data to understand where you should focus the marketing effort for your products.

• Evaluate the impact of the web site’s content: what are visitors’ reactions to both the web site and social media and which posts are most effective at driving traffic to the web site?

• Work on segmentation to be more specific and ensure that the investment in digital promotions reaches the right audience.

Finally, Rafael recommended optimizing the use of Google Adwords, the search engine’s advertising system, which allows the advertiser to bid on auctions for key words related to the business so that the business’s name appears among the first results of the search.

You can also attract more customers and increase your sales online by applying this advice. Watch our blog to learn about more strategies for making your business more popular.


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