Renewable Energy Benefits

September 10, 2021
Renewable Energy Benefits

Everyday more homeowners are choosing to purchase a solar energy system. Solar panels are an investment that translates into much more than saving money. These systems allow us to produce renewable energy without negatively impacting our health and the environment. In addition, if you add a battery, a solar power system can be a real lifesaver in the middle of a power outage.

Here are 6 benefits of installing a solar energy system in your home:

  1. Clean energy – Renewable energy does not produce greenhouse gases. This type of energy reduces the use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing emissions of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides as well as sulfur and carbon dioxides, all associated with climate change and its extreme weather effects (such as the development of increasingly stronger hurricanes, droughts, and rising sea levels).
  2. Zero contamination of bodies of water – Renewable energy does not pollute water, which is a vital aspect at a global level, but also within our environment as residents of an island.
  3. You produce the energy you need – We live in the Caribbean and luckily, our geographical location allows us to enjoy abundant sunshine all year round. Solar panels capture and convert the sun’s rays into electricity through photovoltaic cells.
  4. Savings for your wallet – When you buy a solar power system you have a clear idea of how much you will pay every month because you produce your own energy and depend less on possible increases in electricity costs.
  5. Peace of mind by knowing you will have power during an outage – Having a solar energy system, along with a battery, can be of great help in ensuring you always have power, even when an outage takes place. The battery in a solar power system stores the energy produced during the day; therefore, you can use it at night or in the event of a power failure.
  6. Zero noise – Excessive noise is also a type of environmental pollution. Solar panels and batteries do not produce noise, unlike a power plant or generator. If you have a solar energy system and the power goes out, you won’t even notice because your home appliances and computers will continue to work.

Save and generate your own energy, while also helping to protect the environment.

At Popular Auto we offer financing for solar panels thanks to an alliance with the Power Solar company where you can get a low monthly fixed payment1.

For no-obligation guidance or to make an appointment to evaluate your home’s electrical power consumption, call Power Solar’s dedicated line at 787-331-6565.

1 Subject to credit approval according to Popular Auto LLC parameters. Certain restrictions apply.