5 tips for efficient remote managing

September 02, 2022
5 tips for efficient remote managing

By: Franco Mondo, BMA Group

Remote work offers great benefits, both in terms of reduced operational expenses and increased productivity. However, for remote work to be successful, a good strategy is required. Because if leading in person is difficult, imagine doing it remotely!

The COVID-19 pandemic marked the history of human resource management worldwide and only companies that can adapt and design efficient operating strategies will survive the new model. For that, “crisis-proof” work teams and good leadership are needed.

These strategies will help you be the engine that directs efforts, whether inside an office or across the ocean.

  1. Empathy

Like others around the world, your employees are experiencing these changes. Maintaining a positive environment and minimizing stress levels will prevent your team from “burning out” and decreasing productivity.

  1. Respect the styles

A successful leader must disseminate the company’s vision, exert influence in the team, lead consciously, and promote the development of future leaders. Adjust your interactions according to the employee’s profile, preferences, and needs—don’t guess. Ask directly how they prefer to work and how you can help them succeed.

  1. Learn the art of virtual communication

Learn to communicate effectively via electronic channels. Remember that your employees can access the information at any time. Anything you write must always be clear and precise, as well as very thorough and complete. Also, establish more definitive procedures; this will make it easier for your team to visualize common objectives and goals.

  1. Delegate responsibilities

A good leader must achieve results thanks to their ability to set clear goals and direct their team to accomplish them. Make your group feel like an integral part of the company and responsible for its goals. Present the big picture so they understand that they are working for something bigger than just their daily tasks.

  1. You must be present and available

Even from a distance, as a leader you must be present and accessible, both when someone makes a mistake and to recognize their achievements. Feedback is crucial; always be on the lookout for ways to improve—you will find them by constantly talking to your team. Become their mentor and have genuine conversations with your team.

No matter where you are, the fundamentals of leadership —setting clear goals, building relationships, providing motivation and correct results— do not change. If you believe that human behaviors are still the same, implement your good strategy, and make all the necessary tools available to your group, no one will be able to tell if results came from the central office or from a distant corner of the world.

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