Achieve your dream business in three simple steps

May 02, 2016
Achieve your dream business in three simple steps

Carrying a business idea into reality requires much perspective. Learn three steps to get your business started the right way. Kurt A. Schindler, vice president of Banco Popular Financial Education explains, step by step, what to do to bring your dream from idea into action successfully.

1. Calculate and set your initial investment. Identify an additional budget for unforeseen expenses.
2. Separate your operating expenses from your personal expenses. Keep a separate budget for your personal expenses.
3. Make an annual projection so you could have a realistic expectation of when you might start to make a profit. A new business takes a little longer to make a profit.

Follow these steps in establishing your business. With these tips you can create a specific plan for success. For more information about the services we have available to maximize your finances visit and contact one of our experts. We want to help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Kurt A. Schindler was Financial Education Director at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (“Popular”) until January 2017. Schindler is a Certified® Financial Planner and holds a PhD from Kansas State University in Personal Financial Planning.

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