Collection Management: For your commercial collection tasks

January 04, 2022
Collection Management: For your commercial collection tasks

If you are the owner of a small or medium business, you are certainly looking for tools that save time on administrative and collection tasks so you can focus on developing your business.

Banco Popular offers Collection Management, a service that manages the collection of returned checks and online transactions. Collection Management is directed to business owners with FlexiCuenta Business or B-Smart commercial accounts that receive checks and/or process digital payments from their business clients.

Advantages of Collection Management:

  • We handle the collection of checks and digital transactions that are returned for insufficient or unavailable funds. We maximize your time by handling the tasks for you.
  • We manage the collection of penalty fees charged to your clients for each returned check or transaction.
  • You achieve a reduction in the cost of collection processing.
  • You keep your finances organized. Through the Web Cash Manager service you receive daily, weekly and monthly reports with detailed information of the returned checks or digital transactions.

For cost details or more information about Collection Management and other Commercial Banking services, contact the Business Banking Center at 787.756.3939 or 1.855.756.3939 or call your Relationship Officer.