Essential Apps for Entrepreneurs

June 21, 2019
Essential Apps for Entrepreneurs

Puerto Rican Entrepreneurs’ Favorite Apps

Now you can manage your business from the palm of your hand

Mobile apps have become indispensable tools for entrepreneurs. Today it’s possible to run your company’s operations from your smartphone thanks to apps that make project management, payments and communications handling—among other aspects—so much easier.

Here are some apps that are essential in your career as a successful entrepreneur:


Mobile app that acts as a solely work-related communication channel for your work team (no need to create hundreds of groups on WhatsApp or Facebook).

“It’s the app we use to communicate, set schedules and change shifts,” explained Double Cake owner Orlando Santiago.

ATH Móvil Business

This tool has become an ally for many people as it provides a simple and easy- to-access alternative for making payments and transfers between sellers and customers.

“It’s great for obvious reasons; for our customers it’s a super convenient additional payment method,” Santiago said. Together with Banco Popular’s Mi Banco Comercial app, both are key tools for monitoring your commercial account.

Inbox by Gmail

The tool is an alternative to the traditional Gmail app and allows users to manage incoming and outgoing emails. Inbox is known for its organization capabilities: it groups emails by topics, filtering what’s not important so you can focus on that which actually is.

Bien Cool, Josie Arroyo’s postcards and products store, is one of the businesses that benefit from this tool. “I use it to monitor messages,” Arroyo explained.


The life of an entrepreneur is an uphill battle in many ways. However, it’s always good to take time to relieve stress and relax. Headspace is an app that teaches you to meditate and become acquainted with the principles of mindfulness. This is Arroyo’s favorite tool to deal with stress.


Helps you market your company using graphic elements—without being a design expert. It offers templates that can be easily edited and customized for particular purposes, like creating logos, business cards, marketing materials and artwork for social networks.


An organization ally, Evernote exemplifies simplicity and planning. This tool allows you to remember everything and save important files or links. It’s like your desk back at the office, but on your cellphone.

Google Keep

Google Keep is touted as the to-do list we all need to remind us of uncompleted tasks. It’s a tool with multiple abilities to take notes, create lists and—as usual with Google—share them or allow collaborative input.


If you’re looking to grow your network of professional contacts, this application is a must on your phone, said Janna Benítez, senior account executive at Contáctica. According to Benítez, LinkedIn should be the first place to ask for candidate references, learn about available jobs and even get key information about a client before heading to an important meeting.

Facebook Pages Manager

Space dedicated to managing Facebook pages. With this app you can see your fan page’s notifications separately from those of your personal profile.

“I recommend having both apps to make managing fan pages easier. When you manage more than one page, the more organization, the better,” Benítez said.


As in many cases, this is one of the most powerful marketing tools. As an entrepreneur, if whatever you’re selling is meant to “catch people’s eye”, then Instagram is the place to be.

With more than 800 million accounts active monthly, Instagram offers the opportunity to be known as a business and provides the necessary metrics to understand users’ interaction with your content.

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