Give your home an upgrade… with a Personal Loan

June 01, 2023
Give your home an upgrade… with a Personal Loan

All that time spent navigating social media during the pandemic had an effect: you realized that transforming your home into a more comfortable and charming space. Many other people came to that same realization. Did you know that a recent survey revealed that 9 out of 10 homeowners decided to do some remodeling because of the pandemic?

If you still dream about remodeling or making improvements to your home, we have good news. A project to turn your home into a happier place could be completed with a budget of $10,000 or less. The formula exists, and we share it with you.

These 3 home improvement projects are among the most popular because they add value to your property and could be completed on a budget of $10,000 or less.

  1. A 5-star bathroom – Remodeling an existing bathroom, and even building an additional one, is a wise investment you can enjoy many times a day. Let the measuring tape become your best friend; measure distances carefully and opt for bathroom concepts that provide greater accessibility. Choose durable materials in neutral colors that will still look relevant at least 15 years down the road. Enjoy the pleasure of adding features that may seem luxurious, but ultimately make your life and cleaning routine much easier, such as handheld shower heads.
  2. The kitchen, the heart of your home – With a budget of $10,000 you can buy more efficient energy-saving appliances and change the kitchen backsplash. You can replace kitchen cabinet doors and, if space allows it, incorporate an island-type module with wheels for food preparation. And with a modest amount, how about creating a small coffee bar?
  3. A new outdoor-indoor space – If a terrace is attached to the living room or dining room, you can install safety glass sliding doors and level the floor to create the feeling of a single space. Choose a similar material to the one on your interior floor and that’s it! Your home’s dynamics will forever change with more light and natural ventilation.

How a personal loan can help

Budget and time are equally crucial when engaging in one of these projects. A personal loan that doesn’t require collateral is a good option; look for a combination of a low-interest rate and affordable monthly payments. That, added to a good dose of planning, will be essential.

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