How to Choose the Best Candidates

October 20, 2015
How to Choose the Best Candidates

You have an idea of the kind of business you want to establish. Now is the time to select the best talent out there in order for your business to succeed. Here we will explain how to choose those employees who will accompany you on your new journey.

Employees are the business’s main representatives. This is why it is important to choose the best candidates for the jobs available.

When you first establish your business, you might be prone to hiring your friends, family members and people you know. But, be careful, because this is not always the best option. Regardless of the fact that most jobs are filled through references from people you know and not through resumes, a good business owner must analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates to select those who will best accompany him in the journey towards the goal line. As a leader, you must select those whose image, projection and work run parallel to the mission, vision and values established for your business. Nonetheless, it could well be that some of your family members and people you know may be a match with these requirements.

Some strategies to select the best talent include:

  • Request references from people you know or from leaders of professional organizations. Ask them not only about the job performance or their academic credentials, but also about their personality and their individual and professional goals. Work teams are composed of individuals with diverse temperaments and not all work well with others.
  • Review resumes to select the best based on relevant data, such as experience and education. Make sure the resume is well-written. This shows the person puts much effort; someone you might want to include in your team.
  • When conducting the interview, ask the candidate in what type of environment he/she likes to work. If your business is focused on customer service, but this person prefers to work alone, in an isolated office, it may not be the ideal employee.
  • Take advantage of the interview so the candidates complete an exercise related to the type of work. For example, if the employee will greet the public, create an environment to interact with the customer. If the person is expected to write documents, have a writing exercise ready.
  • Evaluate if the candidate understands and shares your enthusiasm for the future of your business. If the person does not like the industry, your best move may be to consider other candidates.

If you follow these steps it will be easier to recruit the best talent. Learn more here about starting and managing your business. Access today

We wish you all the success in the world creating your dream team!

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