Mi Banco Comercial: Everything you need to manage your business

August 19, 2016
Mi Banco Comercial: Everything you need to manage your business

It is no longer required to be physically present at your business to know what’s happening. Nowadays, Mi Banco Comercialgives you complete control of your business’ finances. Access your business accounts via Internet Banking and get balances and transactions information. What’s the best part? Everything happens in real time.

More benefits

We want to make your life easier as a business owner so you can enjoy great benefits, such as:

• Transferring funds between Banco Popular’s accounts

• Process payments for your business services such as water, electricity, telephone, credit cards and more

• Receive payments and transfers confirmations via email or text message2

• View images of your cancelled checks

• Originate and cancel payment suspensions

•Finish your transactions on the go, download our app and connect via your iPhone ®, iPod Touch ® or Android

More services

At Banco Popular, we work to offer each of our clients the tools they need to achieve a successful business.

For this reason, Mi Banco Comercial has Expense Report, a tool that lets you:

  • View income reports and expenses – You already have a full agenda to help your business grow. Making reports of income and expenses should not be part of this. We offer you the tools you need to generate these graphics so you have better control of your business’ finances.
  • Use filters –A tool that allows you to be as organized as you want. Filter your transactions by categories: debit vs. credit, while you separate, organize and identify them by time and spending category, among others.
  • Categorize transactions – We offer you 19 pre-established categories so that you corroborate how much money you are spending on each one.
  • Tag –On many occasions your business may have transactions in different categories, but that are related to each other. Mi Banco Comercial lets you tag and group them for better management.

On the other hand, through Mi Banco Comercial, you can make payroll payments for your employees from any computer or smartphone at any time with the ePayroll3 service. Also, you can deposit checks electronically from your smartphone with the Easy Mobile Deposit4 service.

More safety

Popular is committed to your business’ security. We have tools that provide piece of mind because you know you’re protected.

In our system we have rules and safety requirements. In case you notice unwanted connections, we have firewalls responsible for blocking these connections.

When you connect to Mi Banco Comercial, all the information processed is encrypted and read only by us. This way we assure that all your transmissions are secure.

A security code is not enough to protect your information, so we use the RSA Adaptive Authentication solution. What is this? Three security questions that confirm your identity when the system detects a risk, and also identifies your computer.

Enjoy all the benefits of being a commercial banking client. Maximize your time and see you business grow with Mi Banco Comercial. For more information call us at our Business Banking Service Center at 787-756-3939 or 1-855-756-3939.



1Available only for FlexiCuenta Negocios® and B-Smart® accounts. A monthly charge of $10.00 for registered clients will apply. Registration requires a valid ATH® card. This service is not available on countries that are subject to comprehensive U.S. Treasury (OFAC) trade embargoes or economic sanctions programs.

2Banco Popular will not charge your bank account or your mobile phone account for these services. For more information about messaging plans and charges associated to text messages, you should verify with your mobile phone provider. Text messaging charges depend on your mobile phone plan.

3The Business Payments service has a limit of one account per enrollment in Mi Banco Comercial. It entails a monthly charge of $5.00 and $0.40 charge per transaction in the account registered in the service. The service fee for the originated and received transactions is subject to the municipal sales and use tax (1%) and the state sales and use tax (10.5%). The account must have funds available before originating the payments. Returned transactions will incur a fee of $2.00 each. For your security, the 2-Step Verification Service must be activated.

4Service is free and only for customers with commercial deposit accounts in Banco Popular (FlexiCuenta de Negocios® & B-Smart®) and available for customers selected according to the Bank’s eligibility criteria. Eligible clients may deposit up to $5,000 per day and $15,000 per month (up to 3 checks daily and 10 monthly). Checks deposited before 6pm on working days will be processed the same working day. In the back of the check to be deposited, you must include: signature, account number and the phrase “For Deposit Only”. Confirm that you have the Mobile Easy Deposit service in the menu of our mobile app. Certain exceptions may apply. For details about the availability of funds, please refer to the Disclosure of Availability of Funds Deposited in Transaction Accounts (Regulation CC) in your Commercial Deposit Account Contract.



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