Save time and improve efficiency in your business

August 20, 2016
Save time and improve efficiency in your business

When you are planning for your business, it is important to think about efficiency and effectiveness in managing your company. Among the most important aspects to consider are the electronic services and tools offered by financial institutions to help save time and money.

At Popular, we not only help you achieve your financial goals, but we also offer the best options to help you manage your business.

Our Web Cash Manager service provide you access your account information and make electronic ACH payments such as payroll, payments to suppliers, taxes and utility bills, such as water, electricity and telephone, over the internet.

Web Cash Manager is offered in modules. The Information and Balances module allows you to see transactions and balances in real time, make transfers between accounts and place stop payments. The Payments and Collections module is for ACH electronic payments and there is a Wire Transfer module.

Some of the benefits of Web Cash Manager include:

  • Savings – You save money! Save time and eliminate paper transactions.
  • Convenience – This web application is easy to use and can be used anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Efficiency – It helps you manage your money effectively so you can increase the efficiency of your business.
  • Security – This secure application gives you greater control by letting you program different levels of access for your users.

Click here for more information or call the Business Banking Center at 787.756.3939 or 1.855.756.3939.


The Web Cash Manager℠ service entails charges. This service is not available on countries that are subject to comprehensive U.S. Treasury (OFAC) trade embargoes or economic sanctions programs.

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