It Hit Close to Home

April 04, 2017
It Hit Close to Home

By: Jean-Paul Castro Lamberty

Abdominal pain, sudden exhaustion, and symptoms of poor digestion: those were the first signs that a difficult time was approaching. After undergoing hip replacement surgery because of arthritis, my grandfather, who was only 65 years old and had been in good health all his life, was facing one of the most commonplace ailments among men nowadays. Without knowing exactly what it was, he was sent into the operating room. The diagnosis: colorectal cancer. Our lives were never the same.

Being his oldest grandson, I had the first-hand experience of taking care of someone with that type of cancer. Although science has made some progress and you can survive this disease, I always kept thinking that a timely diagnosis could have prevented the condition.

Colorectal cancer is usually associated with diets that are high in fat and low in fiber—that is, what almost all of us Puerto Ricans like. Even though heredity plays an important role in this disease, good lifestyle choices and frequent checkups can help us detect it on time. But this disease can be detected even before showing any symptoms. It is recommended for everyone over 40 years old to get a yearly colonoscopy. This test, along with blood analyses and even rectal exams, may literally make all the difference.

While learning on the go what it meant to have colorectal cancer, my grandfather began his chemotherapy treatments. That was exactly when our emotional rollercoaster came to a head. However, the fact that my grandfather was protected by cancer insurance helped us a lot in the process. The insurance allowed my family to take care of his health. Even though there were good days and bad days, our financial worries took second place, and we always felt protected by this kind of product.

After this experience, the best advice is to protect yourself against this disease, since we’re all vulnerable to it.

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