What You Need to Apply for a Personal Loan

January 08, 2019

Applying for a personal loan1 is easy. If you are a Puerto Rico resident, you can complete the process from your home or anywhere else by simply filling out an online form. What do you need and what steps should you follow to reach your financial goals? We’ll tell you!

Step 1: Determine the purpose of your loan

Before applying for a loan, it’s important to determine the purpose or reason for the loan. Some of the most common purposes are to consolidate debts in a single payment or to make home improvements.

Before applying, it’s important that you know your unpaid balances with the rest of your creditors, or that you can explain what home improvements you intend to do to have an estimate of the loan amount that you will apply for. You can also apply for a loan to travel, pay college expenses, finance a special event, or deal with unexpected expenses.

Step 2: Have the following information ready when applying

  • Social security number
  • Information about your income

You will also need to provide your full name, address and telephone number.

Step 3: Apply today!

Banco Popular can help you make your dreams come true. Apply now for your personal loan online or call TelePréstamo Popular at 787-294-2572 or visit one of our branches.


1Subject to credit approval.

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