Why practicing mindfulness is good for your business

February 28, 2022
Why practicing mindfulness is good for your business

By: Popular in collaboration with Isamari Castrodad

It is proven that practicing the technique of mindfulness improves interpersonal relationships, physical and mental health, and productivity. Several companies, such as the multinational Google, have implemented this technique as part of their innovation efforts and acknowledge it has contributed to corporate well-being and has been part of their success.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the renowned professor emeritus of medicine who theorized the concept of mindfulness from a non-religious perspective, defines the technique as: “paying attention, purposefully, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” The discipline is practiced through meditation, which is essentially training the mind. It consists of focusing your attention on the present moment and responding skillfully to mental processes. This practice could improve communication among workplace team members, stimulate creativity, encourage the search for solutions, and optimize production in the pandemic era.

Five benefits of incorporating mindfulness in your business:

  1. Focuses your attention in the present – Recent studies on the practice of mindfulness in the workplace found that this practice has effects on the anterior cingulate cortex, the part of the brain responsible for self-regulation. Improving self-regulation ability prevents distractions and promotes good job performance.
  2. Helps in handling criticism – Negative feedback can cause discomfort and if criticism is poorly communicated it could affect the attitude of the person receiving it, as well as their productivity. Mindfulness protocols such as stopping, listening, breathing, and analyzing your response allow for more receptiveness and better results.
  3. Improves communication – Paying attention and responding assertively is essential in any business communication. Practicing mindfulness focuses you on a single event: the present moment. Whether on a customer call, team meeting, or administrative communication, the effect of paying attention can lead to a successful outcome.
  4. Develops better leaders – Neuroscience points out that the practice of mindfulness influences the areas of the brain related to perception, body awareness, pain tolerance, emotional control, introspection, complex thought, and sense of self. According to the Harvard Business Review, mindfulness is a way to keep our brains healthy. Strengthening these areas encourages the development of good leadership.
  5. Controls stress – When stress reaches chronic and sustained levels it can affect the brain, cause cell damage, and wreak havoc on emotional, psychological, and physical health. Stress reduces personal and work performance; however, practicing a minute of meditation or mindfulness can be a quick and effective exercise to lower tensions and control stress.

There are multiple resources ranging from books, videos, and seminars to instructors who, in person or online, can help you implement good mindfulness practices in your organization or business. Consider the positive impact mindfulness can bring to your business and motivate yourself to incorporate this ancient technique for today’s entrepreneurs.

Isamari Castrodad has served as corporate communications and business development executive. She currently heads the positive communication platform MÁS con Isamari Castrodad, and produces and hosts television projects focusing on wellness and quality of life. In addition, she is a strategic communications and content development advisor, an opinion columnist in the Buscapié section of El Nuevo Día newspaper, and author of the book Un propósito, historias de fe, bienestar y esperanza (A Purpose: Stories of Faith, Well-being, and Hope). Through the Guías con Propósito (Guidelines with a Purpose) project, she offers motivational talks and workshops on personal development, effective communication, and corporate training to reinforce service and teamwork aspects. You can get more information at www.isamaricastrodad.com.

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