An Easy Fix for Home Emergencies

August 30, 2017

You’ve probably had one of those unexpected problems that need to be fixed right away. To save money, you look for online videos, TV shows, or hardware stores that will teach you how to complete the repair. But if it turns out that your skills aren’t up to the task, then you’ll have to seek the help of a professional. And since we know finding a professional isn’t easy, a Home Assistance policy may be just what you need.

This policy is surprisingly economical, and you can buy it separately or as part of a Personal Package. In fact, it is a good complement to your Hazard and Personal Liability policies. Shirley Soto Sepúlveda, Vice President of Popular Insurance, details several of the policy’s benefits.

“For example, you lock your keys inside the house and there’s no way to get in, so you need a locksmith. Or if there’s a short circuit and part of your house is left without electricity, you’ll need a certified electrician. Some homeowners have someone they can call in situations like these, but if you aren’t one of them, the Home Assistance policy ensures that a qualified and reliable professional will come to your home,” the insurance expert says.

Receiving this assistance is simple: You call the phone number assigned by the insurance company, and they will find you a professional to solve the problem. This coverage works at your convenience, so you won’t have to wait for hours or days to get the service. Besides, you will receive services provided by professionals whose credentials have been approved by the insurer.

What constitutes an emergency? An unexpected event that occurs at any time and needs to be dealt with quickly, such as accidentally broken glass doors or windows in your home’s exteriors, clogged indoor plumbing that could damage your home or belongings, being unable to enter your home due to lost or stolen keys, electrical problems caused by structural issues affecting your entire home or just some of the rooms. The list is long, but the common denominator is that they need to be dealt with quickly.

Home Assistance covers these and many other possible emergencies in four key areas of the insured home: plumbing, electricity, locks, and glass. It covers “one event per year in each category, up to $300 per emergency event. But there are several options in terms of coverage limits,” Soto explains.

With Home Assistance, you won’t have to search blindly for someone to solve your repair problems, hoping that the person you call is actually qualified. “The company has a list of proven service providers. Nowadays, this gives a sense of security, especially to seniors and homeowners who don’t know professionals in their area,” Soto says. And the benefits of this policy far outweigh the low annual premium costs.

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