Attract and recruit the best talent for your business

March 21, 2022
Attract and recruit the best talent for your business

By: Franco Mondo from BMA Group

With the pandemic, we’ve seen an immediate impact on remote work followed by high unemployment and ending with a marked need for talent acquisition or recruitment. Also, the pandemic has taught us that our professional and personal lives can coexist, be intertwined, and even share spaces. We’ve learned to work from home and to alternate our personal and work responsibilities.

Here are several factors to take into consideration to find and recruit the best talent:

Personal and work integration

Employees are familiar with the hybrid work model and have quickly integrated it into their lifestyle. Today, as a business owner, when you identify an open position, you must ask yourself just how flexible you can be regarding work hours and where a prospective employee lives. Although there are many roles in which having a physical presence is intrinsic to the position, it’s important to consider how the remote work model could be an alternative. Offering flexibility, be it face-to-face or remote, has become a motivating factor that provides talent with an additional reason to consider your company.

Remote work monitoring and metrics

In the blink of an eye, the pandemic impacted the direct supervision model by placing a large portion of our employees behind a monitor at home. To ensure that your employees’ productivity is not affected, performance monitoring and metrics must be aligned with the remote work model, based on results and clearly defined KPIs.

Our workforce has matured and changed its perspective. Previously, companies selected candidates based on their future performance. Today, the decision is made by the candidate. Before accepting a job offer, candidates evaluate their chances for success to make a better decision. Without a doubt, the best talent will favor employers who clearly communicate their expectations and metrics.

Training and career plan

Talking about results and metrics in an environment where there is schedule flexibility or remote work is attractive for candidates looking for the ideal organization or company. As employers, we must make our organizations stand out by highlighting our ability to encourage our employees’ professional growth.

Talent is looking for an organization that helps them develop and grow as professionals. Career plans must be clear. We want candidates to see us as a true partner in their professional life and to be aware of the opportunities that, as an employer, you can offer them. Providing clear structures in terms of career plans and training will allow us to obtain:

  • Greater and better recruitment
  • Greater productivity by integrating knowledge with initiative, providing employees with training and flexibility
  • Commitment as a result of growth as a common goal between the organization and the person

e are living in a sellers’ market. The candidates select the employer. If we want to be the employer of choice, we must be flexible, have clear goals and metrics, and a genuine interest in developing the skills of our people as well as our organizations. Companies and talent mutually benefit with this new model.

Implementation of these type of measures will create a culture that will develop within the proposed framework. This new culture will take a life of its own which will become part of your employer brand and could very well be your greatest recruiting tool.

BMA Group is a Puerto Rican company that has been developing business solutions through the integration of talent, processes, and technology for the past 25 years. Its services include recruitment at all levels, temporary employees, and an “augmented human” model where artificial intelligence and analytics come together to exponentially increase human capacity. With offices in Guaynabo, BMA today operates in 23 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

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