Best recruiting practices for your business

November 18, 2015
Best recruiting practices for your business

“We could have the best business plan in the world, but if we do not have the right people, we won’t be able to complete it.”

Mariemi Sierra Álvarez, manager, Our People Division

By Lymari Vélez Sepúlveda

The success of your business depends on the commitment of your team. Therefore it is important for you to select the best candidates, those who can provide innovation to your business plan. Perhaps you wonder how and where you can find new talent.

Recently, as part of an initiative from Popular’s Commercial Banking Division, Mariemi Sierra Álvarez, senior vice-president of the Human Resources Department at Popular (known as Nuestra Gente), shared with business owners from the North Region the best recruiting practices. Following are her foolproof tips.

Elements when recruiting the best candidates:

  • Be objective during the interview and selection process. Have a clear vision of your business plan. Look for candidates who make your work team stronger. Go beyond technical elements and reflect on how the new recruit may add value to your team. Evaluate how the new employee will interact with the rest of the group. Mariemi advised to ponder the recommendations offered by family and friends. Look for individuals whose qualities and expertise are ideal for the position and the company’s vision.
  • Include team members in the recruiting process. Add other company employees in the process of selection, particularly those who will work closely with the new team members.
  • Place employees in the right position. This will prevent talented workers from looking for new opportunities in other companies, industries or countries.
  • Speak the truth. Communicate candidates the position’s objectives and whether or not they will be required to work after hours or on weekends.
  • The strategy of selection should be the same for all candidates.
  • Ask the right questions. Some of these include:
    • Give me an example of a situation that requires you to go further from the knowledge acquired in college or on your previous jobs. How did you acquire that knowledge?
    • Share an experience on which you moved from your safety zone to satisfy a client.
    • Describe a moment when you needed to inspire others in order to attain a common objective.
  • Be Transparent when making an offer. Business owners must understand the market and know what will be offered to the candidate. “Sometimes people bring experiences that must be considered, and therefore a bit more than originally expected should be paid,” added Mariemi.
Best recruiting practices for your business


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Be prepared to receive and train new employees

Recently recruited employees must participate in training and know their assigned tasks. Meanwhile, the rest of the company’s working force must know the role of the new employee.

Motivated employees work better

Popular’s senior vice-president of Human Resources pointed the importance of an individualized, sincere and on time recognition plan. A happy workforce allows for the company to be prosperous. Mariemi believes that “employees’ satisfaction directly impacts the results”.

She assured that it is not about having the best employee, but rather the best team. “Bet on a solid business. We must make a firm commitment in order to bring people back to the working force. People who can contribute to Puerto Rico’s economy,” Mariemi said.

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