New digital platform to apply for commercial credit

March 18, 2022
New digital platform to apply for commercial credit

Popular has a new digital platform where all commercial customers, including small businesses, can quickly and conveniently apply for loans and lines of credit. The platform includes an innovative, secure system designed to allow customers to go online to manage and check the status of their application at any time, thereby simplifying the application process.

The digital tool works instantly after merchants create their registration account and log in at the portal. Through the digital platform, commercial customers can fill in their business information, choose why they are applying for credit, and even upload the necessary documents. Once the application is submitted, they will be able to access the portal to check its status at any time.

“At Popular, we’re focused on finding innovative tools that make our customers’ work easier while allowing them to continue strengthening their businesses. This new digital application process will greatly benefit our business customers. It also allows us, as a bank, to continue promoting spaces and services in harmony with the digital world in which we work daily”, said Eli Sepúlveda, executive Vice President of Commercial Credit at Popular, Inc.

As part of the benefits available when applying for commercial loans, Popular offers competitive interest rates, convenient payment plans, automatic commercial account debiting, and terms based on the purpose of the loan and financing collateral, among others. In addition, with the commercial line of credit, commercial customers can obtain financing for the working capital that their business requires.

For additional information about the business platform, please call 787-756-3939.

Product offered by Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. Any extension of credit, whether through credit cards, lines of credit or loans, is subject to credit approval. Certain conditions apply.