StartUp Popular Tools to Grow Your Business

March 21, 2022
StartUp Popular Tools to Grow Your Business

StartUp Popular, the program aimed at supporting start-ups, now has convenient online resources available to all business owners. There are four tools that make it easier to develop new business ideas and offer important information for companies already in operations to reach their maximum potential.

The tools available on the StartUp Popular web page can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Here’s a description of each tool:

  1. The Checklist, for those starting from scratch – Everything you must consider –and do– to start a business in Puerto Rico: from a business plan and financial aspects to government requirements for entrepreneurs.
  1. Determine the initial investment – This tool is especially useful for people starting a new business. It allows you to identify and calculate the necessary funds to operate and foster the new company’s success. 
  1. Financial Index Calculator – An instrument to calculate the business’s financial performance, with valuable information to visualize strengths and weaknesses. 
  1. Social Media Marketing 101 – Learn the basic knowledge that every entrepreneur should have to develop an effective social media marketing strategy. You will also find examples that can help you organize ideas and plans.

Having all these useful tools within your reach is as simple as clicking here

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