Personal Package, a policy that covers more

August 18, 2017

Your home is much more than just walls, windows and doors. Did you know that you could obtain much more with a Personal Package policy to insure your home and property than what you would obtain with Hazard insurance, and for a similar premium?

Today, more than ever, we try to stretch our dollar – and take advantage of options that offer more for our money. If you are the owner of a home and pay mortgage, or are in the process of purchasing one, you should continue reading this story.

You have probably heard the term Dwelling or Hazard policy, which is the insurance that includes the minimum coverage requirements that a financial institution requests in order to grant the financing for your home. And you probably have been told that the same policy covers structural damages in the event of a hurricane, fire or earthquake. However, do you know that for a similar price you have a more comprehensive and convenient alternative to insure your property against those risks and others?

The Personal Package policy combines different types of coverage under the same insurance, with discounts in the cost of the premium and many other benefits.

Which coverages can you combine to gain more for your investment?

  • Structure – In other words, everything covered by the Hazard policy: roof, windows, piping walls and everything attached to them permanently and that are part of the structure.
  • Contents – Have you ever taken inventory of all your possessions? With the Personal Package you can cover also personal belongings or property, such as furniture, household appliances, electronic equipment, clothing and other items against the risk of fire, hurricane and earthquake, among others. Jewelry and works of art will be covered, if you list them specifically in the policy.
  • Personal or Civil Liability – Accidents happen at any time and place. If an accident occurs in your property, in which any of your guests or their belongings suffers damage, you could be legally liable and may be obliged to pay compensation. With this coverage, medical expenses incurred by the injured person, legal expenses and even a court sentence could be covered up to the limit you set.
  • Home Assistance – Because not all of us are handymen, you may add this coverage in your Personal Package, which includes broken glassware, clogged piping or a short circuit. Home Assistance supports you in emergencies, like those just mentioned, so you may correct them rapidly with the help of a professional, and avoid severe damages to your property.

Your home represents sacrifice and family. Protect what is more important to you. Evaluate and choose the coverage that gives you more for your money. The licensed staff at Popular Insurance can guide you towards the best options for your budget. Please contact us at 787.706.4111 or visit


Insurance products are not deposits, are not insured by the FDIC or other federal government agencies, are not guaranteed by the Bank and may lose value.