Prepare for the Unexpected

August 18, 2017

Accidents are unforeseen events that can happen anytime and anywhere. They are unavoidable by nature and can cause great damage.

Shirley Soto Sepúlveda, Vice President of Popular Insurance, explains that when you buy a home, you are automatically exposed to many liabilities like legally responding to any injury caused to any guests at your house or domestic employees. The biggest concern however, is that a lawsuit can jeopardize your homeownership.

If you want to finance the purchase of your new home, every bank will require you to have at least a basic insurance, known as Hazard or Dwelling, in order to protect its structure in case of a hurricane, earthquake, or fire. But, there are more comprehensive insurance policies with additional coverages like Personal Liability that will protect you against damages caused to a third party either by you, your kids, or even your dog. This coverage is very convenient in case the outcome of an accident results in a lawsuit that may cause you to lose your home.

The advantage of the Personal Liability coverage is that it is not limited to events that happen at your house. Soto explains that you can extend it to accidents that occur elsewhere as long as they are made on your behalf. For example, if you decide to celebrate your kid’s birthday in the pool area of your neighborhood, you are covered.

“This insurance policy is budget-friendly when you compare it to the aforementioned property coverage because it offers more benefits for a similar cost. Its annual price does not surpass $100 which is more or less what you have to pay for the Hazard or Dwelling policy if the price of your main property is around $100K. Plus, in the case of legal proceedings, the cost of your defense will also be covered,” Soto clarified.

However, in order to make a claim with this coverage, a lawsuit against you is not necessary. The Personal Liability has a sub-limit for medical expenses that can reach up to $5K and no legal intervention is needed to receive this financial support.

The Personal Liability coverage can be part of the Personal Package, which is a product that combines various coverages in just one policy, one single payment at a discounted price and same valid date. Call our Popular Insurance representative today at 787.706.4111 or visit, so you can learn more about this product.


Insurance products are not deposits, are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency, are not guaranteed by the Banco Popular, and they may lose value. Popular Insurance is a subsidiary of Popular Inc., and an affiliate of Banco Popular.