Your office in your cell phone and computer

May 26, 2015
Your office in your cell phone and computer

My friend María, a psychiatrist, added a new service to her private practice two years ago: the option of seeing her patients via Skype, a platform that allows real-time communication via text, voice and video. All you need is a computer with a video camera or a smartphone. Now, she sees patients who live in the United States. Through Skype, she has appointments in which she hears and sees patients, all free of cost for both parties, without long-distance telephone charges.

Like her, more and more owners of small and medium-size businesses are benefiting from a large number of online applications that save them time and money. For every situation there appears to be an application (also known as apps). For example, Juan, a security consultant and a leadership and life coach, uses the MailChimp tool to create a database that lets him send e-mails to groups. His plan is to integrate MailChimp into his marketing strategy. Through this tool, he has access to pre-designed newsletters. The best part is that the program lets him know what percentage of people saw the e-mail and clicked on the links included in it. This helps him determine if his customers read his messages and if the strategy he is using is the right one for his audience.
Below are other mobile and online apps that can help you in your day-to-day work.

Finance and accounting

  • 1. FreshBooks: An online billing service. Its creators ensure that you can save up to two days of work per month using this tool. With this app, you can accept payments in cash or credit cards, in any kind of currency, or through PayPal (another excellent tool for making or receiving payments for your services quickly and securely).
  • 2. Invoiceberry: Online billing platform that allows you to monitor your expenses and payments. As with other tools of this type, you can archive invoices in the cloud to avoid losing documents.
  • 3. Web Cash ManagerSM: Account management tool that lets business owners access information on their business accounts and make banking transactions from anywhere. Information on balances and transactions is available for export to the company’s computers. From this application, you can make payroll and payments to suppliers, as well as transfer funds between accounts. For more information on this service, go to If you want one of our officials to advise you to choose the most convenient Popular service for you, contact us.

Organization 101

  • 4. Appointlet: This application is super practical for psychiatrists, doctors and other professionals who work for themselves and lack support personnel to set appointments with patients. If you have a web site or a presence in social media, you can place a button from this tool so the consumer can choose, online, the time they want for an appointment, from the hours available. The appointments are integrated into your Google calendar and reminders are sent to you and your clients. This way, there is no excuse for forgetting a meeting.
  • 5. Evernote: An organizer of ideas and projects. In one site, you can store everything from handwritten notes to book manuscripts. The program synchronizes your content in all your devices (cell phone, tablet and computer).

Tools for sharing documents

  • 6. Dropbox: Like Juan, Manuel, an electrical engineer with more than 35 years in the business, uses this platform to share large files, such as construction plans, with others. The document is stored in the cloud and he only has to send a link via email to his contacts.
  • 7. WeTransfer: In the communications industry, many use WeTransfer, in addition to Dropbox, to send videos and other large files. In one email, you can send up to two gigabytes (GB).


  • 8. Google Apps: In a single platform you can access your email, calendars and documents. The service is free and has a storage space of five gigabytes (GB).
  • 9. OneDrive for Business: This program is integrated into Microsoft Office and lets you share documents and photos with your contacts. Additionally, you can store important reports in a single location.
  • 10. Airmail: Alberto, owner of an advertising design firm, uses this email designed for Mac users. He likes it because it categorizes messages and identifies them with icons. “It is similar to Outlook but is easier to use,” he says.

Archiving documents in your cell phone

  • 11. ES File Explorer: “This is the first app I install every time I change phones. It is like having Windows Explorer on the telephone. The program lets me create files within the cell phone to have programs and apps in one place, including tools for storing on the cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive,” says Carlos, who works as an independent consultant in human resources.


This list is only a sample of apps in the market that allow you to save time and money and help you be better organized. Contact us to learn more about the business services available to you.

Web Cash ManagerSM consists of various modules that can be acquired based on the needs of your business. Each module entails different fees, which may vary based on the modules selected. For additional information on the costs, contact your relationship officer or the Commercial Support Center at 787-756-3939 or 1-855-756-3939. This service is not available in countries that are subject to the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), commercial embargoes or economic sanctions.

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