Use LinkedIn to Create B2B Connections

September 26, 2023
Use LinkedIn to Create B2B Connections

By: Contáctica

Without even getting up from your chair, you can connect with the service providers you need, and cast your net in an ocean full of potential customers. It’s all a matter of learning to use the tools this platform has to offer. Here we tell you how.

Finding freelancers to perform specific tasks or engage in long-term collaborations became easier when the LinkedIn Services Marketplace launched in 2021. In this kind of ‘job supermarket’, as its name suggests, you can find talent, review their profile, contacts, and experience, and ultimately contact the person that best suits your needs. The following recommendations will help you conduct a successful search:

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Grow your business: reach potential customers.

LinkedIn offers numerous tools and opportunities to establish business connections and effectively promote your products or services. Following is a list of suggestions that will help you search for customers:

  • Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to find potential customers. Take time and closely analyze their profiles: their interests and needs. This exercise will be beneficial in making more precise approaches.
  • Once relevant potential customers have been identified, connect with them, and send them personalized messages highlighting how your product or service will benefit them and solve their specific challenges.
  • Use targeted advertising, content promotion, and sponsored messages to highlight your products or services to specific potential customers. Take advantage of the segmentation options to target people and companies that fit your ideal customer parameters.
  • Participate in events and virtual fairs organized by LinkedIn. They are an excellent opportunity to identify and capture potential customers. You can attend these events as a speaker, panelist, or attendee. You will have networking opportunities, so take advantage of them.
  • Nurture your relationships once you’ve captured the attention of a potential customer. Constantly follow up on their comments and questions and offer personalized solutions.

Useful tools

The following tools are readily available; use them all and optimize how you utilize LinkedIn to benefit your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Designed specifically for sales and marketing professionals. It offers advanced search and filter features to identify potential customers and build more effective relationships. With Sales Navigator you can access more detailed data and statistics about your prospects, receive personalized alerts about important changes to their profiles, and send personalized direct messages to increase your possibilities

LinkedIn Pulse – A content platform that allows professionals to share relevant articles, posts, and news. This tool gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your field, share your knowledge and perspectives, and broaden your professional reach. By publishing content on Pulse, you can increase your visibility and attract a broader audience interested in your specialty topics.

LinkedIn Learning – This online education platform offers a wide range of courses and tutorials taught by experts in various fields. Courses include topics such as leadership, marketing, technical skills, and personal development. As a service professional, you can use  this tool to expand your skills and knowledge in specific areas, improve your profile, and increase your career opportunities.

LinkedIn Live – This function allows you to broadcast live video to your network of contacts and followers. This tool is ideal for presentations, webinars, live interviews, and other professional events. Using it lets you interact with your audience in real-time, show your expertise, and make meaningful connections.

LinkedIn Services Marketplace – A platform integrated into LinkedIn that allows professionals and companies to offer and hire services in different areas of specialization.  This ‘market’ allows people to create service profiles to showcase their skills, experience, and qualifications. Services offered include consulting, writing, graphic design, digital marketing, software development, translation, coaching, and more.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn continues to develop and improve its tools to adapt to the changing needs of professionals. Explore its new features and updates regularly and get the most out of your presence on this platform. Learn more about how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile by reading this other article. 

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